First Alliance Commercial Capital


Our Company

First Alliance Commercial Capital,llc (FACC) was established nearly 15 years ago and is based in Denver, CO. We provide NATIONWIDE commercial loans. We work directly with lenders who choose to work only with approved brokers. The more direct to the lender you are ~ the better the loan!

Our People

Our loan loan officers are trained in Commercial lending and Underwriting. They are also professional negotiators. They’ve spent years developing strong relationships with the nations largest lenders, who now compete for our loans.

Every member of staff has undergone extensive state and federal background checks. They are trained individually on every lenders loan program and the underwriter guidelines.

We utilize the latest technology and proprietary software to process your loan.  Our security software assures you safe handling of your financial documents.

There are few, if any, Commercial Mortgage Broker companies who offer dedicated, well trained staff like ours.

Our Process

We prepare a confidential loan scenario and present it to 10 or more of our Lenders. You will receive competing bids within just a few hours.

We gather all your financial documents and prepare the loan application and complete loan file. Our expertise in this process assures you a smooth and timely closing.

We order all reports, environment studies, appraisals, state and local tax documents, title, wired funds, and closing documents for you. We keep the timeline and maintain all communication with the lender.

 If anything changes in your loan or within your project, we handle all change orders. We make it our business to be on the look out for any obstacles and try to resolve them before getting you involved.

Feedback & Reviews

Previous customer reviews

”  After finding out that FACC is really part of our team and shared the same goals. I told my partner to put down the phone, we’ve found our lender!   “

Jonathan A.

Financial Manager/PM

” We had 5 competing bids for our loan within 3 hours!  “

Russell K.

Apartment and Hotel Investor

” FACC handled the whole loan process for us… every document request… every phone call.. every minor obstacle or report.. it was a breeze!   “

Janice G.

Construction Co Acct.

We wouldn’t be who we are without our client input. Questions and Suggestions help us improve our service.

Over the years of helping 100’s of clients we’ve learned and grown through the process and through client input. The number one suggestion we hear over and over again was to simplify the process and we did it!

Quote from one of our clients…” We’re a small company and don’t have the time or expertise to search for legitimate lenders and brokers. We now use FACC exclusively!”

We also offer financing classes  for Real Estate professionals and Investors. Free of charge.



First Alliance Commercial Captial, LLC

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