Our loan application process has been refined
to meet the needs of our busy investors.

Our stated income application is by far the fastest and easiest way to your next investor loan! This is NOT hard money but, as expected, it does come at a slightly higher interest rate than our conventional products. The terms and fees are much better than hard money too. It’s also easier to rollover the loan into a longer term than most loans.  We offer it at the best industry rates and terms, with little to no additional fees.  If speed and qualifying are not a requirement at this time, we recommend you utilize our Full Application.  No matter what loan you choose, there is NEVER an application fee with any of our loans at First Alliance Commercial Capital. We do not sell nor provide any of our information collected from you. All information is kept confidential throughout the whole process until you’ve decided to move forward with the loan.

All inquiries will be responded to within one hour ~  7 days a week, 365 days a  year!

Conventional loan  Application

For our standard conventional, SBA, Fannie/Freddie loans, please start with giving us some basic information below.  We will follow up with the appropriate loan application for your loan structure.

Stated Income Application

Our stated income application is by far the fastest and easiest way to your next commercial loan. It doesn’t matter where the property is located. We work directly with a securitized lender who does not lend directly to the public. They lend over $80 Million a quarter in commercial loans and only work with a select few private commercial brokers such as us at First Alliance Commercial Capital, LLC. We’re proud to be an approved broker with them and to offer this unique program to our investors. Together, we’ve streamlined the loan application and process. Please take a moment to answer a few questions below. We’ll follow up with a phone call and get the ball rolling on your next loan!

We've recently partnered with several publicly traded lenders who offer lines of credit to experienced investors.

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