Experienced Fix and Flip Investors

Stop paying so much for your short term loans!

Stop waiting for approvals and for your money for closing!

We respect your experience and feel that you should be rewarded with a better loan product. We want you to love our process so you’ll finance more with us, so we’ve simplified that too!

With one application, you'll receive pre-approval
for a total line of credit to use for one year.

Your line of credit is determined by your total combined liquid assets.Your line of credit is typically 5 times that amount.
Your line of credit is good for one year. Tip: apply at the time you have the most money in the bank!
Your experience is rewarded with lower rates.
No pre-payment penalty after the initial 90 days.
Max 2 points on every loan.
Purchase and rehab!
Acquisitiong 90% LTV
Rehab 95% LTV

1 – 20 Units ( this includes SFR, 1-4 units and small apartments up to 20 units – all must be non-owner occupied fix and flip proerties)
However, we do offer other financing for apartments.
Every state but UT, ID, ND, RI, SD & VT
Credit minimum for this loan is 620

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