SFR & Multi-family Portfolio loans

Portfolio loans for Purchase, Refinance or Credit Lines offered. Single Family, Multi-family, condos, & townhomes.

Hot Portfolio properties currently on the market.

Boulder, CO
6 sorority houses , 52 bedrooms $16,640,000
Please contact Ford Brown at 303-505-1292 for more information on the listing.

Contact FACC for financing at 720-608-1644

Colorado Springs
4 buildings, 16 units
Please call Pat Knowlton at 719-648-0423 for more information.

Contact FACC for financing at 720-608-1644

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What is a Property Portfolio?

A property portfolio that is for sale,  is a collection of property investments owned by an individual, a group or a company being offered for sale as a whole.  They are typically located within the same vicinity.

These properties can be a mixture of single family homes, multi-family buildings/units, and even condo’s.

As featured today,  we have 4 separate multi-family units being sold together in Colorado Springs and a collection of Sorority Houses in Boulder Co. being sold together as a portfolio.

The owners of both properties has decided to sell them together as opposed to selling the units separately.

There are many benefits to purchasing a property portfolio as opposed to purchasing separate properties. The first may be obvious; you’ve saved a great deal of time, energy, research and expense in searching for and buying several separate properties in a variety of different areas.

Maintaining a portfolio of properties that are in close proximity to one another will easier to manage and maintain. They should also save in management and repair bills. 

If your goal is to build a large portfolio of investment properties, purchasing a group that are for sale is a great option.

Financing these as a group will also save money in closing costs and finance charges. First Alliance Commercial Capital offers portfolio loans. We specialize in making the process smoother and easier, saving time and money.

For a quote on your next portfolio purchase … or refinance… give us a call 720-608-1644!